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Aquatics – Algae, Submerged, Emerged, Shoreline


Invasive aquatic plants are interfering with nature's ability to support a diversity of wetland habitats. They are interfering with recreational activities, commercial activities such as crawfishing, oil and gas activities, wildlife nesting, fish population and decrease the value of land. Having an improper balance of invasive plants interferes with and, in some cases, prevents the ability to enjoy and earn a living. Our services return the beauty and utility of your wetland habitat and CSSI Inc. guarantees it!

Chem Spray South, Inc. manages tough vegetation problems through an integrated five-part program that will manage problem invasive plants with minimal risk to the environment. Our management program makes water usable for commercial and recreation, while improving wildlife and fish populations. Commercial and recreational activities can be enjoyed without restrictions.

Our aquatic vegetation management program provides professionally staffed employees which will provide control of nuisance aquatic vegetation, using chemicals specifically registered for use in lakes and ponds. We continue to work closely with chemical manufacturers, university personnel, and others involved in the production, testing, and regulation of aquatic chemicals. Our personnel are trained, tested, and licensed to handle the specific chemicals used in our business. CSSI’s goal is to provide our clients with a program tailored to their specific desires and requirements. In order to assure our clients of the best programs available, we continue to test and evaluate new equipment and techniques every season. Through years of experience, we have developed specific maintenance programs which have proven to be effective by repeated experience under a variety of conditions.

Our program begins with a free estimate. We identify the nuisance vegetation, measure the body of water to be treated, select the proper product, assess any environmental factors and apply the product.

Chem Spray South, Inc. has the knowledge, experience, equipment and trained personnel to solve all aquatic vegetation problems and long-term maintenance programs provide control all season long.

  • Golf Courses

  • Apartments

  • Residential

  • Commercial/Industrial Sites

  • Duck Leases

  • Drainage Canals

Complete list of Aquatic Services:

  • Floating Plant Control – Duckweed, Salvina, Water Hyacinth, Water Lily

  • Submerged Plant Control – Hydrilla, Coontail, Naiad, Eurasian Watermilfoil

  • Emergent Plant Control – Cattail, Water Primrose, Alligator Grass

  • Algae Plant Control – Chara, Filamentous, Planktonic

  • Mechanical Control

  • Consulting Services

Contact us today to learn more about our aquatic weed control services.

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