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Terracing - Bench, Contour, Parallel


Terracing is constructing bench-like channels, otherwise known as terraces, which enables water to be stored temporarily on slopes to allow sediment deposition and water infiltration.

There are three types of terraces:

Bench terraces reduce land slope and allow run-off from the upper side of the terrace to go into a lower portion where it spreads out and infiltrates. This BMP is most often brought to mind when the word terrace is used, and is employed most often in various regions around the world.

Contour terraces have point rows and grassed waterway outlets that follow the lay of the land. These BMPs are so named because they are constructed parallel to each other, and where possible, in the direction of field operations.

Parallel terraces eliminate the production losses associated with point rows and minimize the interference to farming operations when spaced at multiple widths of planting and harvesting equipment.

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