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Weed Control - Bare Ground, Bermuda Release, Growth Regulators, Invasive Weeds

Chem Spray South, Inc. is a Louisiana based company, which offers commercial application options for all types of terrain, from aquatic swamps and marshes, to industrial/commercial sites. We can control noxious weeds and other target weed species that may be causing a problem. CSSI Inc. is a professionally licensed company using the latest innovative equipment to complete the service in the most efficient manner.

We provide an innovative and environmentally responsible approach to weed control, which will increase the value and productivity of the land by eradicating noxious weeds, as well as, other problem weed species. We are continually replacing and updating our equipment to provide the highest quality herbicide application for our customers

Complete list of Weed Control Services:

  • Bare Ground

  • Bermuda Release – Selective Weed Control

  • Growth Regulators

  • Invasive Weed Control

  • Aquatic Weed Control

Weed Control Sites:

  • Industrial Sites – Chemical Plants, Refineries, Power Plants, Pipe Storage Facilities

  • Commercial Properties - Parking Lots, Storage Yards

  • Pipeline and Utility Right of Ways

  • Oil Fields

  • Tank farms

  • Construction Sites

  • Medians and Roadsides

  • Drainage systems

  • Retention Ponds

  • Rail Yards

Contact us today to learn more about our vegetation management services.

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